Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Being a custodians of the land is something that comes naturally to the Lawrence family at Andrewshayes. Long before there was talk of environmental policies,  Andrewshayes was a place where bio-diversity and sustainable practices have been put in place.

As farmers, caring for the land was just as important as caring for livestock. As the caravan park developed in the 1960’s, this attitude was held firm. Some visitors will remember watching the cows being milked and queuing up first thing in the morning at the shop for a pint of the freshest milk you could wish to drink. 

One of the key features of the caravan park are the many mature trees and shrub borders which provide nesting sites for many birds and insects. This theme was extended in 2007 with the planting of a small woodland which makes a lovely walk at any time of year. 

Click of the tabs in the table below to to find out more about our environmental policies, measures we already have in place and ways we plan to enhance the park more to reduce it’s carbon footprint. 

Solar Power 

The holiday park has invested in a large area of solar panels on the redundant farm buildings which makes a huge contribution to the park's electricity supply.  The swimming pool is heated using a combination of solar panels and a heat pump to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel.

A large cover over the swimming pool has also significantly increased the heat retention of the swimming pool. 

Water Conservation

The park has it's own sewage treatment plant with a reed bed which is an absolute wildlife haven.

Bore holes supply much of the park's water reducing the demand from the national water system.


Sensor lights have been fitted where possible and bulbs are gradually being replaced with LED bulb.

For anyone arriving with an electric car we are able to offer a hook up point for overnight charging. 

Domestic Waste

Recycling facilities are provided alongside our made refuse points to encourage our customers to use these facilities.

In addition where possible the park recycles refuse from the day to day running of the business. Refill options are used where possible for cleaning products. 

We are keen to use local suppliers where possible especially for our shop. Examples of the these include Norcotts Cider, Purbeck Ice cream, Trewithen Diary and Otterdene.  

We also use a large number of local tradesmen and local suppliers for building and park maintenance supplies.

The park has always striven to enhance the environment and bio-diversity for wildlife with the development of habitat areas, the planting of native trees, shrubs and wild flowers.

The park has a lovely woodland walk suitable for the whole family. Wildlife interpretation boards are dotted around the park.  The park is Members of the Devon Wildlife Trust. Outdoor events and ideas for local walks and days e.g. at local nature reserves are shared in our well stock information room. 

Read our full Environmental Policy here. 

Environmental Statement

Our aim is to continually improve all aspects of our park to ensure that:

a) we minimise the collective impact our park and its visitors have on the environment
b) we actively seek ways to improve the natural environment and wildlife of the park
c) consider our staff, the local community and local economy
d) consider the impact our purchasing actions have on other communities

The aims of the statement will be carried out in the following areas.


We will assess the environmental impact of all our future developments. We also continue to look closely at our current operations, adopting eco-friendly measures where possible, in order to ensure our efforts to minimise our carbon foot print and be sustainable are the best we can manage.

We are committed to reducing the pollution and waste produced by our park.

We aim to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and supplies on our park, using sustainable alternatives where ever possible.

We expect high environmental standards from all our suppliers and contractors.

By providing recycling facilities and local information we hope to encourage our customers to respect the environment and encourage guests to reduce their carbon footprint.


Andrewshayes actively enhances the environment and bio-diversity of the park wildlife by enhancing habitat areas, continuing to plant native trees and shrubs and local species. We hope to encourage insects and birds, including owls e.g. by providing suitable nesting sites and habitats.

We ask visitors to respect the plants and wildlife and instruct children not to harm them.

Andrewshayes has signed the Honey Bee Pledge, ensuring that we actively promote and develop habitats to secure the future of the honey bee and other pollinators.

Interpretation and Information

We aim to encourage visitors to learn more about the local wildlife through interpretation boards and by providing details of nearby wildlife nature reserves and events.


Ensure fair and equal pay to all members of staff. Support staff with training including on environmental matters and accessibility.

Employ local staff and tradesmen and suppliers for site work where ever possible.

Help educate staff to make sustainable decisions during day to day activities around the park.


Ensure noise and light pollution are kept to a minimum and hedges for screening well maintained.

Maintain an updated web site with clear directions to avoid visitors getting lost and driving through the lanes.

Provide seasonal touring pitches which reduce the need for towing.

Promote Things to Do within 10 miles of the park and local Information is provided in the information room. Advertise local independent shops, pubs and restaurants.

Provide details of dog walks / footpaths / local walks and public transport to reduce use of cars whilst on holiday.

Encourage and support local and environmental charities, we are members of the Devon Wildlife Trust.


Andrewshayes will consider the environmental consequences of all our purchasing decisions.

Use local suppliers where possible and have local produce and environmentally friendly items for sale in the shop.


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