Charitable Help for Hip Dysplasia Support Group

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) occurs when the ball and socket hip joint fails to develop correctly. When diagnosed it can be a often be a shock to parents.  With many trips to hospital, operations and time spent in a cast for many of the children diagnosed this undoubtedly has many affects on all members of the family involved.

A friend of Andrewshayes was recently telling us about the experience that she had gone through with her son and we talked about how we could help.

There is lots of information online via the Charity called DDH UK which also runs a supportive Facebook group for affected families.

Andrewshayes Holiday Park has decided to offer a weekend break to one of these families and earlier this year a winner was randomly chosen from the entries.

We look forward to welcoming the family to us when they take up the holiday.

The Charity Supports All Ages

The charity is supporting more and more patients, from teenagers to those in their later years, who are facing hip replacements, often due to the effects of having hip dysplasia (DDH). DDH occurs when the hip joint fails to develop correctly and 2 to 3 in every 1,000 infants will require treatment and whilst not life threatening, it can lead to pain, disability and the need for hip replacements.

For more information head to the DDH UK website here.

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Natalie Trice, Founder of DDH UK told Andrewshayes

“We are extremely grateful to the team at Andrewshayes Holiday Park for offering a holiday to one of our families.

As the mother of son with hip dysplasia, I know only too well that curve ball this condition throws at a family and the pressures it can put on everyone. Appointments, x-rays, operations and recovery time not only impact the child but the whole family with siblings feeling left out and relationships being tested to the max.

Being able to get away from it all, in a beautiful setting means you can relax, enjoy some time out and just be together like everyone else for a little while.

At DDH UK we support thousands off people around the world and just knowing that someone is there and cares makes a difference, getting to go on holiday makes a massive difference. “

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